Do you have a dream holiday? Most of us do have a dream holiday, somewhere really special that we would like to go to. Somehow it feels that the world has shrunk and it is now easier to get to your dream holiday destination. Once upon a time we had to leave our holidays as dream holidays, but all of that has changed now. In today’s modern world you can jump on an airplane to take you almost anywhere. It may cost money but if you got the cash to burn, why not go for it. After all, we only live once.

Tina from Brixton escorts of would like to go to Hawaii. This is my ultimate dream holiday, she says, I am not only attracted to the beaches but I love to see the exotic plants and flowers as well. On the quite I am a secret plant collector and like to collect seeds on holiday. Hawaii has attracted me ever since I was quite young and used to watch reruns of Magnum PI- private detective on the TV. The TV series should off the lovely landscape of Hawaii, When I go, I plan to spend about six months there visiting all of the islands.

Diamond, who also works for Brixton escorts services, says that her dream holiday would have to be Alaska. I don’t mind the snow and the cold, what really fascinates me is all of the wildlife. To see all of the bears and the other wildlife would be my ultimate dream. I am not so sure how much time I would spend in Alaska, but it would be more than a few weeks. The entire lifestyle appeals to me and I could see myself marrying a guy from Alaska, Diamond laughs. I like big tall men who can give you a bear hug.   Maria is another one of the Brixton escorts who has caught the traveling bug. My dream destination is Zanzibar in Tanzania.

I have seen on TV so many times and would like to have the experience to visit. As I am a bit of an amateur chef, it must be a dream destination. It is after all called the spice islands and you can find some really exotic dishes and spices there. I am also fascinated by the culture and could perhaps even find myself living there one day. You never know what is going to happen when you leave your job.   Having dream holidays are good for all of us. Not everybody have such exotic dream holidays as Brixton escorts but I am sure that many of us like to day dream. Traveling to exotic places such as Hawaii might be out of reach for many of us. Brixton escorts can probably save up enough money to get to their dream holiday destination and then some. Cruising is great place to visit many holiday destinations. If you find somewhere you rally fancy, you can always go back and spend some more time there.…

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Veronica was the usual housewife who was always around taking care of her house while her husband was at work. This is not the kind of life she had always wanted, at least it wasn’t the life she lived with her husband when they were still dating.

They were the couple in college that everybody admired. When they first got married they were so in love and practically inseparable. Until her husband got a promotion—then he started spending less and less time with her. And when he was home he was always on his computer. This made Veronica quite disappointed. She wanted more than just a husband. She wanted someone to talk to and more importantly, someone to quench her sexual desires. But the husband never seemed to have time for her anymore.

One day she decided she had had enough of being lonely. She decided to look online at escort services. She came across a masculine, handsome escort and was excited at first site. She knew her husband’s daily routine and so decided to .

She booked an appointment during the day while her husband was at work. This was the opportune moment and she seized it. Right on time he was at the door knocking. She opened up to a tall, blue-eyed, masculine escort that swept her off her feet. She welcomed him in and offered him a drink. He accepted but requested to drink right next to her.

She was so horny considering that it had been long before she had a great fuck. She was already wet as she stared the escort drink his glass of wine. The escort noticed and stood up. He went on his knees and took her hand then kissed it.

She trembled but was ready for everything. They kissed before he lifted her up and followed her directions to the bedroom. The room was set and he dropped her on the bed. He was quite strong and he pulled down her pants. She was wetter than ever before. He went straight for her clit and licked it. She moaned louder. It was clear that she wanted his dick there and then. So he did not hesitate. He removed his huge cock and slid it right into her wet pussy. She moaned louder.

He gave her some slow thrusts before increasing the tempo. She liked it, rolled her eyes and scratched his back. He turned her over the bed and fucked her from the side. She enjoyed it. Soon after, she squirted and trembled like it was her first time getting a fuck. She knew that this was not the last time she would see this amazing escort. She planned to hire him at least once a week from then on.

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